Great Egret

Great Egret

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Going out like a lion?

Some critters might think so!

I was occupied with family duties today, so I didn't get out to do any nature surveying, hence this very short post. However as I was returning home late this afternoon, the snow started, at first very lightly and then fairly heavily. At home, I looked out across at a neighbour's lawn and saw quite a gathering of American Robins. There was just a dozen or so at first, but they kept streaming in until there were at least 45 in the tree or on the ground beneath a cedar tree. This evergreen had intercepted some of the snow and kept the ground a little clearer. They were scattered, so I could only get a maximum of these nine in a photo. Can you see all nine?

They were busily chirping to each other, and I can only imagine that they were saying the same things that most humans were saying....when is this winter going to end?

Actually, if the weather prognosticators are correct, the next 3 days or so in Chatham-Kent look positively spring like!


  1. Seems odd that there are no Robins down here. Well, there might be the odd one that shows up, but when that happens, it makes the news.

    1. Hi Dave....probably most of them never had to migrate that far south! There was a fair number around southern Ontario all winter, in spite of the type of winter we had this year. When are you getting back?

    2. We are leaving here on the 22nd of April. I will miss the April migration activities back home. But it will be neat to experience the April migration down here. Warblers and flycatchers are beginning to move thru here. Last week we were seeing a lot of Scissor-tails, sometimes in groups of 7 or more. Had three around my trailer last evening. A Tropical Kingbird kept chasing them off. I think the Kingbirds may have a next in the tree behind my trailer.