Great Egret

Great Egret

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Concerned about Lyme Disease? You should be!

Tick season is fast approaching, and in some parts of Ontario it is already here! The milder weather we've had recently has prompted ticks to emerge.....not a lot yet, but one local birder found a deer tick (a.k.a Black-legged Tick)  on his clothing just a few days ago.

Once the weather warms up to stay in the next few weeks, the presence of deer ticks will be all too common in natural areas. And not just natural areas.....they can be almost anywhere there is long grass, shrubs, etc. For example even if you are an expert golfer, chances are you have lost a ball in the rough....where ticks may be lurking. You don't have to be in those areas yourself. If you have a pet that roams around in such areas the ticks can be transferred to you or a member of your family.

I've made several blog posts about Lyme Disease, describing the 6 times I have contracted it over the years. You can read a bit about my experiences by checking out these at post #1post #2post #3 and post #4.

Unfortunately the diagnosis and treatment for Lyme Disease is all too poorly known. It is controversial at best, and the leading health authorities are not always up to speed on the issue. There is an attempt to establish a Lyme Action Plan (Framework) by the federal government and partners, which would seem to be all well and good. There is a draft plan out for review right now. However it has little action and no funding associated with it, so what is the point? The bottom line is that it does not provide any meaningful action towards protecting Canadians from the effects of Lyme Disease.

If you are concerned about this....and you should be if you spend any time out doors....then please take a moment to sign the petition for this draft Lyme Action Plan (Framework) to be rejected, and for the federal government to come up with something that will be effective.

You can read about this draft plan here. Please sign the petition.....if you ever contract Lyme Disease, you may be glad you did!

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